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Guild website up and running www.guildkos.piczo.com officers ask Devona I Cynn for admin room for password. Devona needs help with the website general maintenance nothing serious. Want to know good "RUNS" and item drops supply little tips and info send them to benjaminbunny_2004_uk@hotmail.com Also send cool screenshots there for the website they will appear on the website soon use the website forums to ask for help if you need a group for a single quest, mission or if you want to make a new character team up with someone else just ask about it in the forums Also if you have teamspeak and a microphone then join our teamspeak channel ask Devona I Cynn for the details use teamspeak it would be great if lots of people came in as of the better communitcations it makes missions and quests easyier we only have a temporary TeamSpeak channel if anyone knows of a free server or has there own as an admin give details to the email address above or otherwise i will strike a deal with another TeamSpeak channel Thank You.
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